How will a Fashionista celebrate Halloween? By glamorizing the pumpkins! Seriously Halloween decor doesn’t always have to be dark and spooky. They can be fun and super cute. Instead of carving out your pumpkins into horrified looking creatures try out these innovating ideas to make them adorable and Aww! worthy Instagram moments.

Take the smallest size pumpkin color it with any pastel shade for the appeal of a fluffy icing. Then place it upside down onto to custom made cupcake wrapper. Decorate with glitter, colored balls, sequins, and decorative pearls. Voila! your yummy sparkly pumpkin is ready.

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Cupcake Pumpkin

If you adore Casper the friendly ghost then you would love to decorate your pumpkin emoji style. Drape a white cloth of same length over the pumpkin. Cut out paper hands, emoji style eyes, and tongue and stick it over the cloth. You can try various emoji faces. Booo! A friendly way to prep up your space.

Emoji Pumpkin Halloween

Love extra toppings! Then make a pizza pumpkin. Choose a flat pumpkin that already looks like a crusted pizza top. Paint it accordingly with desired toppings and present it before your guests.

Pizza Pumpkin Halloween

Pokemon Ball:
Crazy about Pokemon Go. Just make your own Pokemon ball pumpkin by choosing the roundest one. Paint it and your ready to play.

Pokemon Pumpkin Halloween

Kylie Cosmetics:
Beauty bloggers this one is for you. Love matter shades and glossy textures from Kylie’s range. Then make your own little collection. Choose matte paint to color the body of the pumpkin and shiny gloss for the stem. Mainly use pink and brown. Now you have your own enviable Halloween collection.

Kylie Cosmetics Pumpkin Halloween

Hope you enjoyed these smart and fashionable ways to decorate your home during Halloween.
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