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The iconic luxury line of bags – Louis Vuitton was first created for traveling aristocrats. The first ever store was opened in Paris in the 1854. After achieving success worldwide, it opened its first international store in London in the 1880’s. To counter counterfeits it introduced a beige-and-brown checkerboard Damier canvas, with a monogram reading “marque L. Vuitton deposee,” meaning “L. Vuitton registered trademark.” After the demise of the founder Louis Vuitton his son George debuted a new design in 1896 inspired by the Asian culture. The bags now carried the legendary gold-on-brown canvas with quatrefoils, flowers, and LV logo. By the 1960’s many companies were copying these designs. Today there are many fakes in the market. These following tips will allow you to spot a fake Louis Vuitton handbag:

1. Fake handle & Clasp:
Original Louis Vuitton bags have oxidized natural cowhide leather and do not need a plastic covering. They also come with clasps made of brass or gold. Fakes have plastic clasps with layer of gold paint. If you have the genuine Louis Vuitton product, you will want to consider the proper care for a leather purse or bag so that you can get use out of it for years to come without it deteriorating.

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2. Fake Lining & Stitches:
Fake bags have plastic or suede lining and sloppy stitching. Original bags have canvas, fine micro monogram textile, cross-grain leather, polyester, or microfiber suede lining.

3. Fake monogram:
Counterfeit bags have upside-down LV. They also have an uneven pattern which does not match up.

4. Check the Made In label:
The original bag will have Made in France label. Counterfeits these days have Made in China, Made in America, and Made in Italy labels.

Avoid making an expensive purchase without checking the originality of the product. Louis Vuitton handbags look similar,but no two designs are exactly the same. A proper research will save you a lot of money and the embarrassment of flaunting a fake among your fashion conscious friends.

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