Decorate the Feature Wall

Feature walls are the latest oomph! factor of a home. This is where you proudly display the entertainment zone, family pictures, quirky paintings, fun posters, and mood lightings. An impressive statement wall can be donned in various ways to increase the style quotient of the room, varying from using wall stickers for a quick punch of fashionable flash to a more involved renovation of the space. We discuss three easy ways to turn that wall into a show-stopper of your abode.

Patterned Storage:

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Decorate the Feature Wall

A long wall is an excellent alternative to build a storage unit. Custom design a striking storage with stain glass, colored cabinets, sliding chrome finished cabinets, or exotic woods to merge functionality and style. A geometric or patterned design for the units will enhance the overall look of the wall. It will also add a pop of color to the existing theme of the living room. Add some stylish furniture from Lulu & Georgia and your living room will look like a 5 star hotel!

Patterned Paint Rollers:

Decorate the Feature Wall

This is a unique way to decorate the feature wall by hand-painting. You can easily choose the design and theme to be painted and it could turn out into a fun family activity. Wallpapers are boring and require maintenance, hence patterned paint rollers are in vogue.

Oversized Accessories:

Decorate the Feature Wall

An oversized accessory on the wall could be anything from a huge clock dial, handcrafted wooden motifs or panels, huge paintings, geometric patterns, life-sized murals, and a huge mirror. Mirrors normally create the illusion of a large room so if you have a small living area, then adding a fancy mirror will make it appear big. If you decide to go with paintings, there are so many ways this could be done and so many designs to choose from, you can think about checking out to see if their acrylic prints with your choice of a photograph could be the one for you.

Plan your arrangement and shape of your display. Sticking to a coordinating color palette will turn the feature wall into a stylish factor of the house.

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