17 Kiwi Detained in Melbourne
Source: Getty Images

17 Kiwi detained in Melbourne after they flew to Australia under the new travel bubble arrangement. The passengers have taken a flight to Sydney and then took a connecting flight to Victoria.

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They were detained in the state of Victoria. The detained passengers have not reached out for consular access yet, reported NZ Herald.

The state of Victoria isn’t allowing travelers yet. The Department of Health and Human Services of Victoria said,

“Victoria has not agreed to a travel bubble arrangement with New Zealand and did not expect to receive international travelers as a result of NSW making that arrangement. The Victorian Government has made it clear to the Commonwealth that we expect NZ passengers who have not undertaken quarantine will not be permitted to board flights in Sydney bound for Melbourne.”

Even the Australian Border Forces said, that the domestic border restrictions are up to the states and territories.

As part of the travel bubble arrangement, New Zealanders are welcomed to Australia without quarantine into New South Wales and National Territory. However, they need to have lived in a place that is not COVID hot spot during the last 14 days.

About 230 New Zealanders arrived at the Sydney Airport after the travel bubble arrangement. PM Scott Morrison of Australia welcomed the Kiwis into Australia and hoped to see more of them.

This was the first travel arrangement between the Tasmanian countries after the COVID19 pandemic.

The exact locations of the detainees are still unclear. However, it is believed that the 17 Kiwi detained in Melbourne will be put into the Sydney flight after completing their quarantine period.

Australia and New Zealand have reported quite strict rules for COVID19. However, it has been very confusing with Australia. The different states and territories have their own rules and people are struggling to cross one state to another.

In case, the New Zealanders are not allowed in Victoria, they should have never been allowed to board a flight in the first case. When Australia is welcoming guests, they must ensure that state politics do not harass people who came to visit their friends and families after a long time.