The first 100 Days of Trump are over and it has been very eventful and there is no denial to it. He is a different US President and is unlike all others who preceded him. He has taken harsh steps, faced backlashes, do not enjoy good relation with local media and much more. He has already signed many executive orders for a travel ban and much more.

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Donald Trump has become a key name in the world and the leaders are actually confused to deal with him. There are sections of media that quote him to be moody. There are who quote him to be rude. His travel ban, opposition to Obamacare, many statements, Syria Attack, Afghan attack and others have found criticism. However, these are the narratives of the media houses and that depend on the opinion. The opinion can differ. However, it is important to understand what people think about him. Does he enjoy the popularity? Do the protests carried against him actually have the support of the larger American community? Well, the result may be a bit confusing. According to a survey and poll conducted by the Fox News, the reviews and the reactions are mixed.

Among the Americans, 46% of people said that he is on track with his poll promises and 44% said that he is going out of the track. Donald Trump came to power with a sound victory over a seasoned politician and former First Lady Hilary Clinton. His Make America Great Again, Immigration Check Policies, Travel Ban, and many more things hit the headline. Even the association of the Russia in his election win was reported and still discussed.

However, Americans must understand that he is now the President of the United States of America and the people of the country should do what they should and what they have been doing. Back your President when needed and criticize if required have been the American Policy and the first 100 days of Trump seems to have the same reflection.