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Saturday, August 19, 2017

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One Plus 3T owners have all reasons to be disappointed

Do you have One Plus 3 and One Plus 3T? Well, this might not be overwhelming news for you then. The company has decided...

Kara McCullough – Beauty with Brain, Scientist wins Miss USA 2017

Kara McCullough has once again proved all those wrong who says beauty with a brain isn’t something feasible. Here she is a scientist with...

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Jab Harry Met Sejal – This Comparison will hurt Shah Rukh...

Jab Harry Met Seal has already crossed the first weekend and the Box Office collections are devastating. Well, we would not have said that...

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Top 20 Happiest Countries in the World 2017

Happiest Countries of the World data for this year has been released. Well, there is...

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Indo Sino Trade

How China India Standoff can escalate Economic Relationship

China India Standoff is in no way closer to the solution. Both the country is...

Doklam Standoff – Why China is Acting like Fool by showing artificial aggression

Doklam Standoff has already crossed more than 50 days and the Chinese Media is not...

Satire: China claims Mars, shows ancient document

China claims Mars as part of the ancient Chinese history. The Foreign Ministry of China...

China is in Proxy War with the United States with the name of North Korea

Proxy War is not so common in today’s world but Chinese have always been backstabbers...

Crime Diary – What Really Happened during 9/11 Attacks

One of the most devastating attacks that have been made in recent years was the...

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How Open Relationship and One Night Stand affect your Emotions?

Open Relationship has become more frequent in India in last two decades. People are trying...

How Parenting can change the life of your Kids

Parenting is a responsibility and should never be neglected. In today’s world, the parenting has...

Break Up Tips – Struggling with Relationship? This might help you

Break Up is one of the harshest words in the dictionary for the people in...

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UN Sanctions on North Korea – Can Kim Jong-Un sustain with imposed sanctions?

UN Sanctions on North Korea has been termed as the stringent and devastating for the...

Satire: China claims Mars, shows ancient document

China claims Mars as part of the ancient Chinese history. The Foreign Ministry of China...

Nawaz Sharif Ousted – What Next for Pakistan?

Nawaz Sharif became yet another Prime Minister of Pakistan who could not complete his term...

Shabir Shah Arrested – Another Separatist Leader picked up for Terror Funding

  Shabir Shah one of the key Separatist leaders has been arrested from his house in...

Kabul Car Bombing – Terrorists shift to Civilians as Target in Afghanistan

The Kabul Car Bombing early morning today has sent shockwaves to most of the parts...


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