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Pakistan to ban TikTok for failing to filter immoral content

Pakistan to ban TikTok apparently for failing to filter the immoral content. As per Times of India, three top government officials said...

Top 5 reasons why Men and Women cheat

Why men and women cheat? This is a question that keeps coming back to the people. A new study has found the...

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Preetika Chauhan arrested – TV Actress caught buying drugs

Preetika Chauhan, a TV actress arrested after she was caught buying drugs. The Narcotics Control Bureau has made a couple of more...

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Why women cheat

Top 5 reasons why Men and Women cheat

Why men and women cheat? This is a question that keeps coming back...

Top 20 Happiest Countries in the World 2017

Happiest Countries of the World data for this year has been released. Well, there is...

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Mahathir Mohammed – How hate has engulfed the world in the name of religion

Mahathir Mohammed sparked controversy after saying that the Muslims have the right to...
Erdogan appeals for the French ban

Erdogan appeals for French Ban over Islamophobia – Does Turkey wants to head Muslims or Radicals?

Erdogan appeals for French ban as the topic of Islamophobia intensifies again. French...

Fatal Affair – Married man killed lover as she exposed the affair to wife

A fatal affair took the life of nurse Claire Parry in a Dorset...
Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg – When an ineligible voter promotes a candidate of another country, you know there is something wrong

Greta Thunberg, the Swedish climate activist has thrown her support behind Joe Biden...
Mumbai Police vs Republic TV

Mumbai Police vs Republic TV – A new low for politics and journalism in India

In the Mumbai Police vs Republic TV case, the Indian media and politics...

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Why women cheat

Top 5 reasons why Men and Women cheat

Why men and women cheat? This is a question that keeps coming back...

How you can save your marriage from Divorce – Six Tips that never fail

It is said that relationships are made in heaven but it is entirely on people...

Are You Dating Online – Refrain from these mistakes

Dating online has become the latest medium for hookups or to find true love. People...

How Open Relationship and One Night Stand affect your Emotions?

Open Relationship has become more frequent in India in the last two decades. People are...

How Parenting can change the life of your Kids

Parenting is a responsibility and should never be neglected. In today’s world, the parenting has...

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Jo Song-jil

North Korean Diplomat defected to South Korea leaving his teenage daughter and relatives in danger

North Korean Diplomat to Rome, Jo Song-gil, the acting ambassador to Rome went...
Ren Zhiqian

Ren Zhiqian, an Xi Jinping critic jailed for 18 years

Ren Zhiqian, a Chinese billionaire and real-estate tycoon is jailed for 18 years....
China captures more Nepalese land

China captures more Nepalese land – Oli government continues to ignore

China captures more Nepalese land as it continues to push for expansionism. Nepal,...

Germany ditches China – How CCP compelled Germany to reverse Pro-China stance

Germany ditches China after a prolonged China-specific approach. The fourth-largest economy of the...
Inner Mongolian Protest

China attempts curbing Mongolian language sparking huge protest

Attempts to Curbing the Mongolian language in the Inner Mongolian region of China...


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