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Obese China – Over Half of Chinese Adults are obese, over...

Obese China could be a new thing for the Asian country. According to an official report, over half of the adult population...

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Why women cheat

Top 5 reasons why Men and Women cheat

Why men and women cheat? This is a question that keeps coming back...

Top 20 Happiest Countries in the World 2017

Happiest Countries of the World data for this year has been released. Well, there is...

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Anti Islamic Radicalism Bill

Anti-Islamic Radicalism Bill – France National Assembly approves the bill, what does it mean?

The Ant-Islamic Radicalism bill has now been approved by the MPs in the...
Humanitarian Crisis

Humanitarian Crisis – Which Got More Attention Humanitarian Crisis or PlayStation 5 Launch?

Humanitarian Crisis is now often missing the headlines. Media attention defines how the...
Trump Banned

Trump Banned – Is this the new precedence of the United States

Trump banned might be making headlines everywhere. Yes, the people who do not...
US Violence Debate

US Violence Debate – Capitol was violent but Antifa was not?

The US Violence debate has reached a point where people have started generalizing...

Shoplifting Family is treated with Christmas Dinner and Not Arrest

Policeman buys food for shoplifting family in the US. A policeman, Matt Lima,...

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Why women cheat

Top 5 reasons why Men and Women cheat

Why men and women cheat? This is a question that keeps coming back...

How you can save your marriage from Divorce – Six Tips that never fail

It is said that relationships are made in heaven but it is entirely on people...

Are You Dating Online – Refrain from these mistakes

Dating online has become the latest medium for hookups or to find true love. People...

How Open Relationship and One Night Stand affect your Emotions?

Open Relationship has become more frequent in India in the last two decades. People are...

How Parenting can change the life of your Kids

Parenting is a responsibility and should never be neglected. In today’s world, the parenting has...

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Three Child Policy

China – Can Three-Child Policy Make an Impact?

Half a decade ago, it was a crime to have more than a...
Pakistan Civil Unrest

Pakistan Civil Unrest – How Pakistan is being played by their own terrorists

Pakistan civil unrest has once again exposed the danger of becoming a breeding...
Christians detained in China

Christians detained in China – After Uyghur Muslims, Christians are detained and brainwashed by CCP

Christians detained in China in secretive and mobile transformation facilities. Radio Free Asia...
Myanmar Protest

Junta Government Atrocities in Myanmar – Air bombing in village near Thai border increases death toll

Junta Government of Myanmar has so far reportedly killed 440 people. The Army...
Chinese drug trials

Chinese Drug Trials – Hundreds of Patients Died due to redundant drug trials

The Chinese drug trials of redundant drugs have killed hundreds of patients. New...


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